This Message Will Self​-​Destruct

by Dirtneck

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released September 27, 2013



all rights reserved


Dirtneck Maine, Maine

Merthaniel - guitars, bass, vocals

Dr. Corm - keyboard drums

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Track Name: Coley
When I first saw you
I didn't know how
hard I'd fall.
As I got to know you
the clouds in my life
turned clear blue.
Real. Strong. True.
When I first met you
I didn't know how
hard I'd fall.
I got to know you
I knew I'd have to
write my type of love song.
You give me a boner in my heart.
Track Name: Cruisin' For A Bruisin'
Nobody likes a tattletale.
You're cruisin' for a bruisin'.
You know it's time
cuz snitches get stitches.
You crossed the line.
Cruisin for a bruisin,
you know it's true.
We're coming for you.
Track Name: Only A Sith Deals in Absolutes
Some people see the world in black and white
not willing to see the gray scale called life.
But I know "only a sith deals in absolutes".
I'm not a Jedi Master - a mere Padawan -
but I won't join the Dark Side.
Not on your life.
Fear leads to anger
...leads to hate
...leads to suffering
...leads to the Dark Side.
Fear leads to the Dark Side.
Anger leads to the Dark Side.
Hate leads to the Dark Side.
Suffering leads to the Dark Side.
Track Name: 562
When you're rolling through the 562
you gotta respect. You gotta learn the rules.
I don't want to see you burn rubber around here.
I gotta tell you bro I think that shit's queer.
Yeah there might be local boys that do it
but they grew up here so they do what they want.
It's one thing to get rowdy in your home town,
but we don't want to be known as your party grounds.
Drive slow. Pass your blunts low.
If you're drinking, I don't need to know.
Watch your elbow.
The most important thing, I'm saying last:
Don't fucking crash.